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MAC ILLUSIÓN knitwear is ideal for babies primarily because of its softness and comfort.

The soft fabrics that we use for our knits make them very comfortable for the sensitive skin of babies. Most of our garments, thanks to state-of-the-art technology, have no seams, which makes them unquestionably comfortable.

Breathability is another of its great advantages because knitted fabrics allow air to circulate freely, which helps maintain the baby’s body temperature, since newborns learn bit by bit to regulate their own temperature.

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Knitwear is fully flexible and easily adjusts to the baby’s body, allowing it to move freely. This is very important for their physical development and for them to be able to explore the world around them without hindrance.

Our knitted fabrics also provide good thermal insulation, which means they can keep the baby warm in colder weather without them feeling stuffy and overheated. In addition, its breathability prevents the excessive accumulation of sweat.

Knitwear is renowned for its durability. Following the care instructions, the clothes can withstand frequent use and washing by hand, without losing their shape and properties. The quality of knitwear depends to a large extent on the raw materials used, fabrics such as organic cotton and certain materials such as Acrylic Dralon that we use, are more durable and wear-resistant compared to low-quality synthetic materials.

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“Our clothes are designed taking into account the proper fit for babies.”

The ergonomic design is another of our advantages, in addition to the aesthetic aspect, our clothes are designed taking into account the proper fit for babies, without being too loose or too tight, allowing for the movement and growth of the baby and adapting to their body like a second skin.

Safely labelled, our knitwear has soft, non-irritating fabric labels, securely sewn in to prevent them from causing discomfort or irritation to the baby’s skin. In addition, our labels provide clear information on care and washing instructions.

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All our suppliers are certified with the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX, the most restrictive certification that exists. (compliance with ecological-human requirements for articles in direct contact with the skin)

With MAC ILLUSIÓN knitwear the baby feels safe and happy, and that is our reason for existing.