Prendas imprescindibles para el recién nacido

The essentials for new born

Newborn clothes

If there is something that makes us fall in love with Mac Ilusión, it is the newborn. We are specialists in first wear garments and we love them!

 What clothes are essential for the first days of the baby? We want to explain to you what kind of clothes you should have in your closet so that you have everything you need when your baby is born.

Prendas imprescindibles para el recién nacido

First laying

The garments that babies will need, especially in their first days of life, is what is called “first wear”. These garments are always super special and excite the future family even more. We tell you more in our new post.

The first and most essential garments for the newborn are bodysuits and pajamas. Keep in mind that in the first days the baby will be kept home and sleeping most of the time. Therefore, it is essential that you get this type of garment. The bodys will be the garments that will be most in contact with the baby’s skin, so it is important to pay attention to their composition and avoid fabrics that can create allergies. Trust organic cottons and take a good look at the compositions.

As for pijamas, keep in mind that you may have to change them several times a day during the first days, so you are looking for comfort for both the baby and you in your change. As with the bodys, take a good look at their composition and above all that they are comfortable for your baby.


Dress clothes

At Mac Ilusión we are specialists in handmade knitwear and based on our experience, we guarantee that these types of garments are the most comfortable for dressing the baby on their walks and wearing comfortable clothes.

The seamless sweater sets plus leggings will be your great allies. At Mac Ilusión we manufacture seamless garments that help your baby feel absolutely comfortable. Our outfits also come with a hood and details that make them unique. This is one of the best sellers in the Autumn Winter 21 Campaign. It is made up of a romper, a sweater and a bonnet, handcrafted in plain knit with details on the bottom of bullets.


Prendas imprescindibles para el recién nacido

Knnited Baby Nests, blankets and shawls to lull.

The bags to go warm in the car will also be one of the essentials that we always recommend at Mac Ilusión. They are lined inside and outside, they are composed of the best point and details that put the icing on the cake.

Prendas imprescindibles para el recién nacido

Finally, one of the essential garments with which you should do are the shawls. These little blankets will be of great help to you during the first months of your baby’s life to tuck him in both during his sleep and when moving him from one place to another. At Mac Ilusión we have knitted blankets made entirely by hand using fabrics that will delight your baby.

Prendas imprescindibles para el recién nacido

We hope that all these tips have helped you and you learn more about what garments are essential for the first days or months of your little one’s life. At Mac Ilusión we keep dreaming and creating clothes for these special moments of your new life