Our Clothing

Why choosing Mac Illusion woven
and knitted clothes for the little ones?


All Mac Ilusion knitted garments have an anti-pilling treatment to delay the appearance of pills. In every knitted garment, throughout its use, pills or agglomerations of fibers are formed on the surface of the fabrics.

Much more

The elasticity of our knitted garments is much more comfortable. They adapt very easily and smoothly to the shape and movements of babies. The use of the latest knitting technology allows us to offer seamless garments.

Ideal for the
little ones

Babies delicate skin needs clothes that are soft and pleasant to the touch so that they do not chafe or irritate. The use of hypoallergenic dralon and natural fibers guarantee comfort and convenience for babies and toddlers.

More sustainable
and respectful

Our employees are local and have a family tradition and the raw materials we use are recyclable and local. All our suppliers are OEKO-TEX certified, which guarantees the sustainability and suitability of their products.
Mac Ilusión, materias primas de máxima calidad

Design and quality

The raw materials, the attention to detail, and the care in the manufacturing e of our garments guarantee the well-being and health of the youngest members of the family.
Our design department, year after year, create trends and connects with the different profiles of our customers. Creativity and quality is our hallmark to achieving unique and unrepeatable garments.
Fabricación artesanal hecha en España

Handmade in Spain

Technology, raw materials and local suppliers help us to produce in a sustainable way and with the quality required by our customers all over the world. We are experts in knitwear for babies and children.
The hands of our local workers are essential for the perfect finishing of our garments.
Mac Ilusión 50 años de experiencia

Care and maintenance of our clothes

Babies have very delicate and sensitive skin, so it is important to pay attention to the care and maintenance of the clothes they wear. Here are some tips:

Use mild detergents

Baby detergents are a good option, as they are designed to be gentle and non-irritating for the baby’s skin. Do not use bleach under any circumstances.

Avoid ironing

It is best to avoid ironing baby clothes, as the heat can damage the fibers and cause skin irritation. If you do need to iron, do so at a low temperature.

Store properly

Store baby clothes in a cool, dry place and avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

Hand wash or gentle cycle

You can machine wash on a gentle cycle or hand wash. Ideally at a maximum temperature of 30º.

Air dry

It is best to air dry baby clothes, preferably in the shade, as the sun can cause them to fade and become fragile. Do not tumble dry.

Mac Ilusión guía de tallas

Do you want to know what size your baby wears?

In our size guide we will solve all your doubts!
Mac Ilusión respeto al medio ambiente

Mac Illusion in the World

Many agents, establishments, and consumers in many different countries have already recognized the excellent value for money of our garments.

In Europe, our ambassadors in Europe are Spain, Portugal, Italy, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, and Belgium. In the Middle East: Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and Lebanon. In America: USA, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Panama, Guatemala, Honduras, Venezuela, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Argentina.

The Mac Ilusión family does not stop growing and we would like to thank all the people who are helping us to achieve this.


If you want to distribute or have a shop and you like our clothes, please contact us and we will be happy

to inform you of all the details and advantages.