Nuevos retos empresariales Mac Ilusión 2022

New challenges Mac Illusion 2022

Every year is a new experience and a new business challenge for Mac Illusion. After more than 60 years of working every day, we plan to improve and work with great care and detail to offer you the best products. We have the great luck to work for the sweetest beings that exist, such as babies.

At a business level, Mac Ilusión poses different challenges so that during the year 2022 we improve in terms of quality, communication and strategy with our customers and products.
The first of the challenges is to improve sustainability. For this we intend to achieve the complete reduction of PVC in our product boxes and in shipping boxes. In addition to this, we will continue to recycle 95% of the raw materials generated by our company.

Nuevos retos empresariales Mac Ilusión 2022

Sustainability for us has become essential and leaving a better world to the new generations is a challenge that we face with enthusiasm and responsibility.
In terms of trends, our design team continues to be fully immersed, attending to the market and getting closer to the changes it offers. The new collections will include changes and adaptation of classic products. We always have our own line and style of the brand but following the changes and trends to always be in the market.

Another challenge that will make us continue researching in 2022 is the search for new methods that allow us to achieve greater softness in our baby clothes. The comfort of the baby is the most important thing for us and after introducing seamless garments, we now seek that the fabric is always the one that offers the greatest softness. For this, our design team works testing different fabrics and cottons that offer an increasingly optimal result, especially in our specialty such as the first laying.

Nuevos retos empresariales Mac Ilusión 2022

And finally, a great front opens up for us, which is direct communication with both our official distributors and the end customer. We are implementing methods to allow this communication to be more fluid and, above all, to receive this feedback with which to improve day by day.

At Mac Ilusión we face 2022 as a year full of new challenges and changes and above all what we intend is to continue growing and evolving. Our enthusiasm always remains on and for this our entire team works by contributing their personal and, above all, professional touch.