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Autumn Winter Collection

Mac Ilusión, colección emociones
Mac Ilusión colección emociones peto de punto
Colección emociones trajes navidad
Mac Ilusión colección emociones traje de punto
Mac Ilusión colección emociones rebecas de niño
Mac Ilusión colección emociones gorro y chaquetas de niña
Mac Ilusión colección emociones traje blanco

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“Emotions" Collection

The new “Emotions” collection by Mac Ilusion is full of those moments that make everyday life a treasure to be enjoyed day by day. Warmth, the harmony of colours, and naturalness make up this collection where good taste is the protagonist.

The new accessories, details, and unique designs, personalize this original proposal where freedom of movement, softness, and comfort are its most outstanding qualities.

Mac Ilusión, colección otoño iniverno niña vestido con lazos
Mac Ilusión coleccion otoño invierno abrigos

The sweet tones together with the soft and warm fabrics of this collection caress babies.The natural motif prints of the fabrics combine perfectly with the outfits.

The designs, ribbed and geometric reliefs created by the knitted fabrics are the key to achieving the bright finish and the original design of this new Mac Ilusion collection for babies.

Mac Ilusión coleccion otoño invierno abrigos

Emotions are colourful. From blue to pink, passing through fuchsia and soft and vigorous greens, the range of colours in this collection is an emotional and fun journey for boys and girls to enjoy next autumn and winter to the full.

Classic prints give way to the simplest and most modern plain designs. In this new collection fashion is for all tastes and the garments that compose it are very comfortable and the finishes and details make the difference.

Mac Ilusión coleccion otoño invierno trajes para niños y niñas a juego

Official Spot Autumn - Winter Collection 2023/24


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