¿Qué necesita un bebé recién nacido?: La guía de productos definitiva

What does a newborn baby need? The ultimate product guide

¿Qué necesita un bebé recién nacido?: La guía de productos definitiva

Do newborn babies really need a lot of things to meet their day-to-day needs? The truth is that quite a few, because you have to take into account that there are many factors and areas involved: clothes for home and the street, ride, car trips, food.

But sometimes, and more in first-time parents, they sin for excess and end up buying many things, some of dubious utility, which is then difficult to keep and sort. and we don´t even know what we have or where we have got them.

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To get what a newborn baby needs, it´s best to get a list of the essentials.The most practical thing is separate things by themes and check as we buy them, give them to us or lend them to us.

Newborn kit: the essentials for their arrival in the world


We recommend you do not buy many clothes. However, these clothes have to be adapted to the time of the year and the temperature of the place where the baby is located. This is the most essential clothing:

  • Bodies. They are the baby´s underwear and they are worn a lot . You have got enough al five or six.
¿Qué necesita un bebé recién nacido?: La guía de productos definitiva
  • Pyjamas. Practical and widely used garment. You´ll need three or four.
  • One or two hats. Essential to protect the baby from the cold or the sun.
  • Socks/Boots. They are used a lot in newborns, as they serve as shoes, even if the are not necessary.
¿Qué necesita un bebé recién nacido?: La guía de productos definitiva

Bathroom and toilet

In addition to the bathtub and a changer that they should be the right size, safe and can be located wherever we need it, we need several objects and hygienic products such as:

  • Sponge
  • Soft soap with neutral Ph and specific to the baby´s soft skin.
  • Natural oils
  • Wet wipes
  • Creams
  • Sterile cotton gauze
  • Physiological serum
  • Thermometer to measure water temperature.
  • Baby brush and combs.


  • Breastfeeding pads
  • Bottles
¿Qué necesita un bebé recién nacido?: La guía de productos definitiva
    • Breastpump
    • Baby formul
    • Limpia biberones
    • Baglet

    Medicine cabinet

    • For the baby: sotonic serum, 70º alcohol , cristalmina to clean the navel, scissors with rounded tip, sterilized gauze, nasal vacuum, Apiretal, Dalsy (whe the baby weighs 8 kg or more), thermometer.
    • For the mom: very absorbent compresses, cod gel compresses, anti-hemorrhoid cream, anti-iflammatories, painkillers, scream repair cream for the nipples.

    For a walk

    • Baby trolley
¿Qué necesita un bebé recién nacido?: La guía de productos definitiva
      • Baby carrier backpack
      • Car safety chair
      • Bag with the essentials to spend some time away from home: diapers, wipes, portable changer


      • Pacifier
      • Basic baby toys: rattles, little dolls.

      With all these things you can already be at home or go for a walk with your baby with total peace of mind because the boy or girl surely has everything they need to be comfortable, quiet, safe and entertained. However, make sure that all these objects are approved and of quality.

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