Las calles en Navidad, pura magia y entretenimiento para toda la familia.

The streets at Christmas, pure magic and entertainment for the whole family.

If there is any time of the year when the children are the centre of attention, it is Christmas.

It is, without a doubt, the most exciting time for them. The holidays, the family gatherings, and the celebrations, and the gifts from Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men are some of the fundamental ingredients to be enjoyed and make lasting moments that will live in the memories of the little ones. Who doesn’t remember that year when you received the greatest present that remained engraved in your memory forever?

Christmas is perfect to be enjoyed at home, but there is also the irresistible temptation to go out with everyone to see the lights, the Christmas decorations, the nativity scenes and the fairs that are increasing every year in almost all cities and towns.

Las calles en Navidad, pura magia y entretenimiento para toda la familia.

Dressing the little ones with love and care to go out and walk the streets is also a great tradition. At Mac Ilusión, every year we prepare very appropriate designs for these dates, where bright colours and Christmas motifs are essential ingredients. The sweater, pumps and hat from the “Winter Tale” collection are a good example. A snowman with a hat appears woven on a red background with snow that begins to fall from the sky, composing a funny and typically Christmassy print.

Walking through the Christmas markets is also a deeply rooted custom in Spain and other European countries. Here you will find stalls generally set up on the street with endless gifts to be found and ornaments to decorate the house with the magic of Christmas.

Las calles en Navidad, pura magia y entretenimiento para toda la familia.

To name a few… from December 26 to 31 you can visit the one in Madrid’s Plaza Mayor, which consists of more than 100 booths where you will find an infinite number of products, including nativity scenes, toys and jokey items. The Mallorca Christmas Market is considered one of the top 5 Christmas markets in Europe for its incredible variety of leisure, gastronomy and typical products of these holidays. And if you have the chance, you cannot miss visiting the Santa Lucía Christmas Fair in Barcelona, which has been held for more than 200 years. Located in front of the Cathedral, lose yourself in over 300 stalls where you can find everything from the typical and traditional “caganer” to handcrafted products and the most current toys.

Las calles en Navidad, pura magia y entretenimiento para toda la familia.

The “Snow Dream” collection is ideal for going for a walk in the morning or in the afternoon to enjoy all the delights that this beautiful and special time of year offers us. On this occasion, the print on the fabric made up of little houses located in the snow-capped mountains is combined with the soft blue of a clear sky. The set of the knit-fabric dress, the lined knit coat with a hood, the hat and the matching booties, will be admired by all your family and friends.

Well, that said, this Christmas let’s dress and wrap up the little ones of the house and take them out to experience and enjoy all the attractions and wonders that the streets and squares offer us at this very special and joyful time of the year.

Let’s help our children build those happy moments that will make them smile for a lifetime.

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