Navidad es tiempo de soñar con Mac Ilusión

Christmas, it’s time to dream Mac Ilusión

If there is a time of year that children enjoy, it is Christmas. At Mac Ilusión we know it, and we believe that these are dates full of magic and joy for the whole family. We do not forget those who this year enjoy the baby’s first Christmas. A few days that you will never forget. First dresses and very special looks will delight the whole family.

We want to take this opportunity to congratulate you on Christmas and the next year 2021. Although we have all had a difficult 2020, we face with enthusiasm and hope the new challenge of the next 365 days of the year. And now we go with the funniest part of the post.

Navidad es tiempo de soñar con Mac Ilusión

What do you think if from Mac Ilusión we propose some plans to do at home with the children this Christmas?

Special evenings at home. We spend more time than ever in our home and it had never occurred to us to explore certain skills and activities with the little ones, and here comfort plays a fundamental role. Nothing better than being comfortable and comfortable with the seamless garments that we make at Mac Ilusión. Prepare the afternoon of movies and popcorn with one of your favorite Christmas movies. To do this, decorate the “movie theater” for the occasion and make them participate in the preparation of the popcorn.

Little great chefs. Another plan at home for Christmas are the recipes for the little ones. Making cookies and decorating them or cupcakes will encourage their creativity and also spend a fun afternoon with them. And since they will surely end up with the odd stain, it must be remembered that baby clothes need special care at the time of washing. For this, it is advisable to follow the recommendations on the labeling of our garments to guarantee their perfect conservation. It sure is worth spending a little fun time with them.

Travel without leaving home Are we going camping to your own home? Of course! To do this, prepare a large room with the mattresses from your room and pack your bags to enjoy a picnic together. Dim lighting and Christmas stories told by the whole family can be a good start to a different night.

Creativity with babies. We do not forget the babies, many of them will enjoy their first Christmas with you. Do you want to do a special activity with them? Try lighting games typical of Christmas decorations. They will catch their attention and you can play with them with different textures and hiding them under different elements such as cloth or containers. Extrapolate creativity to baby’s clothes too !! Our Special Christmas Deer Snok Collection is ideal for these dates and invites you to experiment with its different textures …

Navidad es tiempo de soñar con Mac Ilusión

Solidarity. You already know that at Mac Ilusión we are experts in the manufacture of clothing for babies and children and that is why we wanted to show you an activity related to our sector. This time it can be a good idea to bring out our most supportive version. For this reason, we propose a plan, make the little ones participate in looking for clothes and toys that they no longer use and that they want to donate to other children who need them. Make some big boxes and go together to the nearest association or organization that catalogs and distributes these types of articles. It is important that children from an early age know values ​​such as solidarity and are undoubtedly participants in this type of action.

We have already given you several ideas. Now you just have to let your imagination fly and contribute a little bit of the magic that this time has to create incredible plans with your little ones.

From all the Mac Ilusión team we wish you a few days of peace, harmony and a lot of MAGIC!