La vuelta al cole con Mac Ilusión

Back to school with Mac Ilusión

Summer is coming to an end, and soon it will be time to go back to school. A very exciting moment in the lives of the little ones, who can reunite with their friends and classmates, is approaching.

La vuelta al cole con Mac Ilusión

At Mac Ilusión we want to prepare the best comfortable and modern looks so you don’t miss a thing. Also, you’ll be able to check out a sneak peek of our Autumn Winter 20-21 collection that we’re about to launch.

Not only do we pack school material to go back to school, we must also equip the little ones of the home with new clothes. What advice can we give you to create a full wardrobe that will last practically all year? Continue reading and let us tell you about the best options to dress the kids for school.

Comfort comes first, which is why it’s something we take very much into account at Mac Ilusión. Children spend many hours sitting down at school, and playing with their classmates, and above all, they should be comfortable. What trends do we have at Mac Ilusión for Autumn 2020?

For babies, at Mac Ilusión we’ve gone for having one of our collections in more naive colours that help transition between Summer and Autumn. Tricot cable-knit pullovers with leotards varying in thickness will allow you to dress the little ones accordingly during every changing moment and type of weather, taking into account their movement necessities. It’s important to get hold of various pieces of warm clothing, but those that aren’t too thick, as temperatures take a couple more months to decrease. What do you think about this look?

La vuelta al cole con Mac Ilusión

For boys, Mac Ilusión, this Autumn 2020 season, bets on combining pieces that vary in thickness that will allow you to regulate their temperature depending on each moment. This year we’ve gone for the combination between darker blue tones giving it a chic touch and some little details. What do you think about our sneak peek?

La vuelta al cole con Mac Ilusión

What about you? Which of our combinations do you like best from our new collection?

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