Nueva Colección OI 22/23 “Érase una vez”

New Autumn Winter Collection 22/23 “Once Upon A Time”

The “Once upon a time” collection transports us to a magical world of fun stories and characters that we fall in love with and that remind us of the happiest days of our lives.

With all the love and care in the world, at Mac Ilusión we have designed and handcrafted this new collection full of colour and fantasy. Just like in the classic fairy tales, red is one of our leading colours, its strength and vitality have inspired us to make beautiful overalls, cardigans and skirts in soft and seamless knit to turn every day into a party.

Nueva Colección OI 22/23 “Érase una vez”

In any upstanding children’s story, a range of blues, greens and earth tones must not go amiss to convey the essence of nature, from the sea, to the sky and the beauty of the countryside. Thousands of patterns and squares combine perfectly with plain colours, creating cheerful, fun and elegant outfits to suit the occasion.

At Mac Ilusión, we create trends and keep up to date, but we do not forget the most important qualities that baby and children’s clothing must have: The comfort, softness and protection that our little ones need. The raw materials we use and the way we weave our clothes is essential for taking care of the most sensitive skin.

Nueva Colección OI 22/23 “Érase una vez”

To combat the cold of winter, the volume and lightness that we achieve in our handcrafted knitwear is ideal, such as in the new rompers, sweaters and hoods that make up this collection. Warmth and freedom of movement are our goals, as well as durability and colour retention after many washes.

Nueva Colección OI 22/23 “Érase una vez”

In any self-respecting fairy tale, you can’t forget the flowers, animals and fantasy prints that combine perfectly with flannel fabrics and all the accessories such as hats, scarves and bootees.

Nueva Colección OI 22/23 “Érase una vez”

And like in all stories, this collection also has a happy ending, an ending where the smile and happiness of the little ones is the protagonist.

Because for Mac Ilusión, the care and well-being of those we love most and who most need us is the main reason to continue working and enjoying ourselves day after day.

And snip, snap snout, this story is told out.

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