Las 5 claves a tener en cuenta para escoger el vestido de ceremonia de bebé esta temporada

The 5 most fashionable baby ceremony dresses

Las 5 claves a tener en cuenta para escoger el vestido de ceremonia de bebé esta temporada

It’s so lovely adorable to see our children dressed for a ceremony. So small, so formal and so tacky! They are always divine, the most beautiful in the world, but when, in addition, we dress them in their best clothes, it is a pleasure to stand up and look at them carefully.  Those moments provide us with a mental picture that never, the years’ pass, we will erase from our memories. . .

But do you know which are the most demanded this year? Do you know the latest trends in colours, styles and fabrics? Well. . . take note! Then we’ll reveal them to you.

The 5 most fashionable baby ceremony dresses

The best fabrics

One of the most important aspects that we must take into account when choosing the ceremony dress for a baby is, without a doubt, the weaving. And this year the most worn are linen, plumeti, embroidered fabric, tulle details and fantasy (glitter or lurex).

No matter how handsome we want to dress them, we must not forget that quality is a must, to avoid any kind of allergies or redness and, when choosing the dress, we must take it very much into account.

In addition, we must bear in mind that it will get warmer and warmer, so it is essential to use those fabrics that, in addition, to dress our children, make them comfortable and fresh.

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Las 5 claves a tener en cuenta para escoger el vestido de ceremonia de bebé esta temporada


The styles are very personal and for tastes, the colours. But this year’s trends, for baby fashion, are dresses by the knee, or even a little bit higher, that will show the tenderness of our babies legs. The flights, the evasé cut and the low necklines with bows are also the highlights.

For boys, sea and marine styles in soft tones continue to be the preferred. The trousers, also by the knees, and the linen shirts are a sure bet that makes our little men more handsome than ever.

In addition, as we know the importance of siblings, in Mac Ilusión we have created sets for boys and girls. So that they may be gathered together on such significant days.

In our catalogue, you will find the models of the season. From the most classic versions to the very fashionable.

The prints

This season’s baby ceremony dresses are marked by colours in natural tones. The colours earth, raw and powdered roses are, for both boys and girls, the most demanded. The gray ceremony, of course, is one of the favourites, in addition, as a novelty arises the soft mint green, evoking the summer and nature.

Beyond Dresses: New Proposals for Baby Ceremony Sets

Dresses are always a resource to dress our babies for any special occasion. But, in addition to them, we can opt for many other types of different sets that will make them go just as beautiful and in line with the occasion. Baby fashion is becoming more and more varied.

Just choosing quality garments makes them be elegant without a doubt. That’s why at Mac Ilusión we always try to make our clothes so special.

Rompers, for example, for our youngest babies, are a really charming option. Choosing them in trending colours, it is also very practical. We will be able to incorporate complements that highlight the set perfectly, as the jackets or bootees.

Las 5 claves a tener en cuenta para escoger el vestido de ceremonia de bebé esta temporada

Strapless trousers, for the little men, will turn out to be a really interesting option. The fabric they are made to show them to be very smart for the occasion and together with a matching sweater will make our child comfortable, fresh and really elegant.

Mac Ilusión has been part of the baby fashion industry for over 50 years and we like to advise parents to dress their babies just the way they want. Our clothes are made, with care, to the smallest detail and with all the illusion since 1969. The result is really nice clothes, both to the touch and the eye, and a selection of really sweet and beautiful baby fashion. Do you want to know it? Request more information here.