Ropa recién nacido: Los imprescindibles de verano para su armario

Newborn clothes: Summer essentials for your wardrobe

Ropa recién nacido: Los imprescindibles de verano para su armario

The arrival of a baby is a unique, incredible and indescribable moment in the life of any family. After nine months of waiting, you can finally see his face, touch his little hands and welcome him in your arms . . .  It is, without a doubt, a magical and unforgettable sensation that changes you as a person for the rest of your life.

But before the long-awaited date, there are so many things to prepare (care products, room, clothes… ) and that can be really a nightmare… What newborn clothes do I have to buy? Will they be warm enough? Cold?… Don’t panic! Here’s everything you need to know about your baby’s clothes for this summer.

Newborn clothes: What do you need in Summer?

The first thing you need to be clear about is that babies don’t feel the same warmth as adults, so it’s important that they’re covered, both in summer and winter. Their thermal sensation is very different and, what for us can be a warm day, for them it can be not so warm. That is why it is so important that both the head and the feet are always well wrapped.

The material that you choose to dress babies, must be, without a doubt, of quality. Synthetics, for example, can cause allergies or chafe, especially in summer due to heat.

The essential fabrics for newborn clothing are cotton and, fundamentally, the Bayer Antiallergenic dralon provides warmth and is also pleasant in contact with delicate skin. 

Newborn Summer clothes

As we have said, there are clothes that are completely necessary for our baby and from the first moment, we should wear our babies since the first day.


Ropa recién nacido: Los imprescindibles de verano para su armario

The body is essential. It is one of the fundamental pieces of newborn clothing that should be in the closet not only in summer but all year through and also in quantity. It is important to have enough, to be able to change the baby any time is required and not being concerned by washing and drying. 

The body covers the upper part of the baby, so no matter how much it moves or how much we hold it in our arms, the tummy will always be covered.


For the first few months of life, leggings will be your best ally. With them, your baby will be warm and very comfortable to be able to acclimatize to life. They are a kind of loose-fitting long pants that cover, in one piece, from the feet to the waist…

Don’t forget to have plenty of refills, as diaper leaks are very common during the first few months. Precisely because of this, changes of clothes are very frequent throughout the day.


Ropa recién nacido: Los imprescindibles de verano para su armario

The bootees are another of the basic garments to buy. As we have said, babies are very susceptible to temperature changes and it is by the feet that they get first cold. Furthermore, they are an ideal complement for the newborn. 


Have you noticed that all moms always carry a blanket in the trolley? Do you know why? The explanation is very simple, and we come back to what we have already repeated before: temperature changes.

The blanket is the all-rounder of newborn clothing, that is, it is good for everything. It helps us to cover the baby so that he does not get cold, to protect from direct sun and as protection to put him to bed and change his diaper if we are not at home and we do not have a changing table.

It is advisable to have at least two, to always have one of replacement. 

Mac Illusion: the best option for a newborn

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