Nueva Colección "Esencia" Mac Ilusión - Primavera / Verano 2023​

New “Essence” Collection, Mac Ilusion – Spring/Summer 2023

Once upon a time there was a beautiful old country house, where aromatic plants, spring flowers and farm animals lived happily. The poppies, marigolds and mint, the thyme, sage, and jasmine, lived in perfect harmony and the sun and the water from the pond provided them with everything they needed to grow strong and healthy.

Nueva Colección "Esencia" Mac Ilusión - Primavera / Verano 2023​

The days went by smoothly, and they hardly ever received visitors, until one spring day a group of boys and girls dressed in bright, cheerful colours and dreamy designs arrived at the house.

How fun and how good-looking they are! – Whispered the poppies.

Can we play with them? – Exclaimed the ducklings coming out of the pond.

They should get to know the garden – Mr. Tomato said aloud.

All the plants, flowers and animals of the country house were surprised and excited by the unexpected visit and the children endlessly browsed and discovered everything. The day went by peacefully with laughter, games and good times. The little ones had a great time and made many friends. It was a beautiful day for everyone that they will never forget.

Nueva Colección "Esencia" Mac Ilusión - Primavera / Verano 2023​
Nueva Colección "Esencia" Mac Ilusión - Primavera / Verano 2023​

Just like in this story, light, harmony and vibrant colours make up the symphony of the new Mac Ilusión “Essence” collection for this spring and summer, where nature is the main feature.

The designs and models reinvent the classics, with soft knits and original prints for a chic, relaxed and bohemian collection. The bright colours merge with Liberty fabrics, and the prints, inspired by nature, with Vichy checks and stripes.

In the “Poppy” family, the grenadine colour of the knitted fabric combines with the blue fabric of a clear sky. In “Calendula” the knit creates fun and original shapes on fabrics and soft colours that gently embrace the baby.

The new collection is not lacking in sea themes. The funny drawings of the animals of the “Lily” family contrast on the white background and are complemented by the monochrome knitted fabric.

In “Alyssum” the sailor-style blue and white striped knit dungarees combine with the shirt printed with the little paper boats that sail among the waves.

The new collection transmits light, colour and a lot of joy that will help us enjoy this spring and summer to the fullest, dressing those in the house that we love the most with what we like the most.