Nueva colección: Ropa artesanal de bebé para otoño-invierno 2019

New collection: Autumn-Winter 2019 handcrafted baby clothes

Nueva colección: Ropa artesanal de bebé para otoño-invierno 2019

At Mac Ilusión we have dedicated our life, 50 years to be exact, to create the best handcrafted baby clothes with a finishing touch by hand. We do this because we know that children are the heart and soul of our lives. This is why we strive to make high quality clothes that we put a lot of care into.

To celebrate our anniversary, we have come up with a collection that is full of surprises, hinting at our long trajectory and love of stitches at our home, Spain.

Stitching has great importance in all of our collections, which is why our AW19 collection aims to offer comfort for the baby’s first months with renovated classic designs.

For this season, we have recalled our tricot clothes, the ones our parents used to make for us with such care, with a traditional and delicate feel, and we haven’t forgotten about soft colours that never go out of fashion, like light blue, pink and natural colours.

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Trending fabrics for handmade baby clothes

Handmade baby clothes with a finishing touch by hand are still every parent’s favourite. The beauty and quality of these

stitched clothes

are the main factors to take into account, as well as how flattering these types of clothing can be.

The trending fabrics for this season are the warmest fabrics, as these fabrics prevent babies from getting cold with the arrival of Winter temperatures.

Wool is one of our favourite fabrics for handcrafted baby clothes. The mix between cotton and wool offers warmth and softness, allowing a baby’s movements to be practical and comfortable.

Another trendy fabric during this season is velveteen. The basic element of this fabric is cotton, which makes it maintain its optimal properties as it will be in contact with our baby’s skin. On top of this, it’s extremely soft.

Finally, cloth is a favourite for jackets and coats. Warm and beautiful, a fabric that undoubtedly makes the little ones extra special.

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Our collection is prominent for these trends will details that identify us. Stitched clothing with sweet fabrics composes the collection, and onesies are crafted with much care, taking into account the soft and delicate skin of the baby.

Prints also have a special place and can be combined amongst these pieces of clothing with vibrant and bright colours.

We cannot go without mentioning another protagonist in this collection: Dralon. This fabric has an especially soft and nice touch, apart from being hypoallergenic, it’s perfect for Autumn and Winter clothing.

Thanks to this fabric, we make sure that clothing made at Mac Ilusión is perfect for babies. Of course, every material and finishing touch is high quality to avoid blistering, rashes, or possible allergies.

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Autumn – Winter 2019 Collection characteristics

Like every season, we bring to you lots of new trends that will make our babies even more adorable.

Handcrafted details

Like with everything, details make a difference, and we know that at Mac Ilusión. This Is why, every piece of clothing has distinctive details that give the clothing a unique, even celestial, touch, that doesn’t get boring. Pompoms, tassels, ribbons and detailed elements on furry fabrics are some of them. Always, of course, with the best taste and dedication.

We combine classical lines with more sophisticated clothing, giving great importance to detail, like coconut buttons, v-necks for boys or frill/ peter pan necks for girls.

Undoubtedly, different complements make this collection special, and in this case, these details are on hats and gloves with a finishing crafted touch.


Another prominent aspect of this new Autumn-Winter collection is the trendy colour choice in baby’s handcrafted clothing.

The 80’s are back and they left us fun jacquard and happy colours. You can see floral stamping inspired by a Winter garden shaping dresses and frill skirts. Also, little ballet dancers and tartan squares make this collection really special. Sweet cotton fabrics and plumeti decorate a frill neck for girls, and v-necks for boys.

Pastel and earthy colours will be protagonists, alternating between powdery, make-up, greys, toasted and creamy tones. For the most adventurous, blue and red will be the ideal choice. And, of course, the combination of these tones will make your baby look gorgeous and adorable.

Mac Ilusión pieces of clothing

Experience tells us that handcrafting baby clothes is a delicate process that requires time and care. At Mac Ilusión we have new trends every season, we select the best fabrics and make sure that the pieces of clothing are adequate for our children’s skin, and we pick the most adequate colours.

For our latest collection we have developed comfortable, soft and needlework-free pieces of clothing, choosing the dominant colours and natural components.

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Shorts, leotards, dresses, overalls, and polo shirts are pieces that characterise our collection. We look for warmth in our onesies taking into account this weather.

All our collections coordinate different stitching clothing, giving warmth and comfort to the little ones, and this season there are no exceptions. Also, in Winter, stitched or fur coats are a must. These items, as well as hats and scarves, will make a difference and will be ideal to combine sophisticated looks.

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For this collection we have developed processes with the latest technology and we have searched for the best threads to accomplish the most excellent finishing products, and this way offer comfortable and nice clothing for the little ones. If you want to learn more about our collection, ask for more information here.