Colección Primavera - Verano 2019

New Collection SS19

Colección Primavera - Verano 2019

Warmth and refreshing colours make up the summer collection. The sea breeze, long sunny afternoons, birdsong and fresh fruit give shape to a set of garments for the little ones.

This collection is perfect for those who are looking for classic knitwear, knitted with delicacy and tenderness. Details fill each garment, with fine cotton lace and small hand embroidery. All of this is fused with vibrant, light-filled colours.

Cotton fabrics with summer motifs combine with knitwear, where boys’ and girls’ garments coordinate with each other. Newborn outfits, jumpers for boys and fun dresses for girls make up each collection.

Floral and tropical prints in pastel shades, vichy checks, plumetis and denim fabrics draw silhouettes in flared and empire cut dresses, dungarees and skirts. Small touches of tulle on collars and laces complete a sophisticated look for the youngest girls.

For them, Bermuda shorts and cotton shirts are complemented with knitted jumpers in a wide range of colours: blue, glacier, mist, turquoise… and always without forgetting the pinks, light blue and natural colours. Comfortable dungarees and rompers are a staple every summer. When the sun goes down and it starts to get cooler, knitted jackets and knitted knitwear are a must.

Summer is the best time to shine!