¿Os acordáis del cuento de las cebollas?

Do you remember the story about the onions?

Well, for the mums and dads or grandparents that don’t remember, or who have never heard it, Mac ilusión will tell you this version…

Once up on a time there was a beautiful vegetable patch full of veggies. Peppers, tomatoes, onions, aubergines, pumpkins, and many other vegetables grew strong and beautifully. It was nice to see the vegetable patch changing through the seasons. In January, the gardener collected the beans and the onions, in February the artichokes and the chard, in March the strawberries and the spring garlic, and so on. Month after month, the vegetables took it in turns to be the queen of the garden and show off their best clothes for harvesting.

Suddenly one day a group of very strange and special onions were born to the garden and began to grow. Every single one was a different colour! There were red onions, yellow ones, green and orange ones… At first glance they were dazzlingly beautiful. The gardener could not believe it, and after inspecting them very carefully, he discovered that each one contained a precious stone inside. A red ruby, a green emerald, a yellow topaz… They were all amazing, he had never seen anything like it!

Delighted and amazed, he went to town to tell everyone what he had discovered in his garden, but nobody believed him.

“That is simply impossible” said one. “Gemstone onions?! You’re having a laugh!” said another.

People began to say that the gardener had gone mad, and the boys and girls laughed and made fun of him when they saw him go by. But when the onions found out, who were very smart by the way, it made them sad and so they devised a plan to help the one who had taken care of them all year.

Every day they removed a layer of their skin until each one showed the precious stone that was kept inside. Soon after, the neighbours visited the gardener and were amazed to see all the onions showing off their treasures in plain sight.

After this, and thanks to his onions, the gardener was once again loved and respected more than ever.

And now you may be wondering, what does Mac Ilusión and baby and children’s clothing have to do with this beautiful story?

¿Os acordáis del cuento de las cebollas?

Well, as you will see, we are at the end of September and launching into a new season. Autumn is finally here after a very hot summer! But now begin the sudden changes in temperature, so we have to be prepared to dress our little ones with several layers of clothing, just like the little onions, that can be easily taken on or off when it gets hot or cold.

But how do we know when our baby is hot or cold? A very simple way to find out is to touch the back of the neck. If it is cool to the touch then they may be a bit cold, and if there is sweat then they may be a little hot. Feet and hands are also good indicators of body temperature.

Also keep in mind that to prevent skin irritation from such changes in temperature, it is highly advisable to dress babies in 100% organic cotton knitwear, such as the Magic Garden” collection by Mac Ilusión.

¿Os acordáis del cuento de las cebollas?

Autumn walks are a good idea and geat for health. Knitwear such as rompers, jackets, overalls, sleeping bags and shawls can come in handy to enjoy a fantastic autumn day.

¿Os acordáis del cuento de las cebollas?

And finally, at the start of each autumn, remember the story of the onions and the gardener to tell it to the girls and boys of the house one night. And do not forget that it is best to dress your little ones with removable layers to combat the typical highs and lows of this beautiful season.