Primera puesta del bebé con Mac Ilusión

First Outfit baby for Mac Ilusión

Primera puesta del bebé con Mac Ilusión

A baby’s arrival to the family is always a reason to be happy and thrilled.

At Mac Ilusión we know that the clothes they wear for the first time are always the most awaited items of clothing. This is why, getting the baby’s first clothes is one of the most important and exciting moments in the lives of the future parents, even for grandmas and aunts!

Their first clothes constitute an extra sweet and soft outfit, very cared for, as it will be “their first little pieces of clothing”, the first look that you will dress your baby in. At Mac Ilusión we are specialists in creating delicate and comfortable garments, as well as pretty, that thrill you and will make you dream as much as we do.

What elements should be taken into account when choosing their first outfit?

The time of the year in which the baby is born is essential when choosing the awaited look. If your baby is born in Autumn or in Winter, you must choose:

  • a sweater
  • leggings
  • wool hats

All of which, of course, with sweet motifs and irresistible designs.

If on the other hand your baby is born in Spring or Summer, we face the eternal debate: should I dress my baby in a short sleeve or in a long sleeve? We recommend that you prepare their first outfit with various thin long sleeve pieces of clothing sizes 0 and 1. Over time you’ll begin to learn to regulate the ambient temperature and how your baby takes it, and you’ll move on to use onesies or “cooler” items of clothing.

What elements should we be paying attention to when picking the baby’s first outfit?

It’s not all about design. At Mac Ilusión we pay special attention to details that may go unnoticed, but that are important when choosing pieces of clothing for our baby. The excitement over the arrival of the baby shouldn’t make us forget that these items of clothing should benefit the baby’s well-being and comfort during the first moments of their life.

Looks para bebés en vacaciones

Your biggest allies for their first outfit will be high quality pieces of clothing, with natural fibres, avoiding synthetic components that don’t transpire properly and may cause a skin allergy on your baby’s skin. At Mac Ilusión we recommend that the first outfit be made of wool and cable-knit, as they are the most comfortable, they provide and regulate temperature, and allow for total range of movement for your baby.

What do we recommend at Mac Ilusión?

An outfit made up of a sweater, hat and leggings for their first days. Remember to choose the item of clothing’s thickness taking into account the time of year during which the little one will be born. A piece of advice that we always give at Mac Ilusión is choosing leggings, because having their feet covered helps them maintain body temperature, and a sweater that can be completely undone so there’s no need to put it over their heads. Lastly, the accessories that you must never forget for the first outfit they wear are hats and gloves. They’ll help maintain the newborns body temperature and will avoid them scratching themselves.

We know how important the well-being of your newborn is to you, which is why we are sure that, whatever you choose, their first outfit will be as special to you than it is to us to design and create new pieces of clothing every season in which your baby will look irresistible.

Primera puesta del bebé con Mac Ilusión

Whatever you choose at Mac Ilusión we are sure that your first outfit will be as special for you as it is for us to design and create a product that will make you feel special every season.