Looks para bebés en vacaciones

Looks for your baby on holidays

Looks para bebés en vacaciones

Going on holiday is one of the most awaited times of the year for the whole family. At Mac Ilusión we want to give you some pieces of advice to choose the best looks for the little ones of the family. Choosing clothes correctly when making a suitcase can avoid many headaches when you arrive at your destiny. This is why you must properly plan the kids’ looks before going on vacation.

Preparing the suitcase for the little ones on a holiday is one of the most important items when planning your Summer outings. At Mac Ilusión we believe that comfort isn’t at odds with design when on vacation. This is why we must choose clothes for the little ones that make them feel comfortable and cool but also have a special touch.

Looks para bebés en vacaciones

Do you need ideas for your best looks? Check out our latest Summer Collection “Imaginando”, at Mac Ilusión we love to show you our combinations and looks.

What pieces of clothing should you take on a vacation for the little ones? At Mac Ilsuión we recommend prioritising comfortable and cool clothes, and that you rely on pieces of clothing that can isolate them from the sun and heat. Avoid moments of the day during which sun rays and high temperatures can harm your baby’s well-being.

At Mac Ilusión we recommend pieces of clothing for holidays made of fabrics like wool and linen, avoiding those looks that can be uncomfortable for your baby. Onesies and Mac Ilusión body suits are cool pieces of clothing for babies that will give them a special look as well as comfort.

Short pants made of wool and natural fabrics in Jesusito dresses and cool outfits will avoid heat entering and direct exposure to the Sun. Combine them with tank tops or sleeved shirts but made of wool from Mac Ilusión.

For the little ones of the home, dresses and Jesusito dresses are ideal to keep them cool and an option so they always have a chic touch. Have a look at these examples. We’re sure that you will be inspired by them.

The last piece of advice from Mac Ilusión for your little ones’ clothes in Summer is that you always take a spare piece of clothing in case of any unforeseen circumstance. Also, for nocturnal outings it will always come in handy that you take a warmer item of clothing like a cable-knit jacket just in case temperatures descend.

Enjoy your holidays and your little ones and find the looks that you’ve always been looking for with a special Mac Ilusión touch.

Looks para bebés en vacaciones