Desafíos y propósitos para el 2024 en moda infantil sostenible.

Goals and challenges in sustainable children’s fashion for 2024.

In a world that is increasingly aware of the importance of sustainability, companies are taking on a crucial role in adopting responsible practices. MAC ILUSIÓN is no exception and in 2024 we will embark on a series of challenges and aims that reflect our continued commitment to sustainability and innovation. 

New labels and product boxes:
Goodbye to PVC

One of the first notable changes will be the introduction of new labels and product boxes that align with the brand restyling of MAC ILUSIÓN. More significantly, the company has decided to take a bold step by completely eliminating the use of PVC in these elements, opting for sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives.

FSC certification in cardboard: Commitment to forest management

In an effort to reduce our environmental impact, MAC ILUSIÓN guarantees that all cardboard used in our products has the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certificate, guaranteeing the responsible origin of the forest resources used.

Goals and challenges in sustainable children’s fashion for 2024.

Hangers, bags and solar panels: Towards a more sustainable future

This brand takes it a step further by using hangers made from 100% recycled plastic, gradually eliminating the use of virgin plastics in our products. In addition, product bags have also undergone a transformation as they are made entirely of recycled plastic. 

To power our operations in a more sustainable way, we have also optimised the performance of our solar panels at MAC ILUSIÓN, making the most of the sun’s power.

Desafíos y propósitos para el 2024 en moda infantil sostenible.

Ecodesign and life-long learning: Innovating responsibly

MAC ILUSIÓN’s commitment to ecodesign is highlighted through the use of materials such as 100% Infinity Worsted Yarn in the making of complete garments. 

The new collection features an expansion of colours created with this Infinite Acrylic, proving that sustainable fashion can be vibrant and diverse. Additionally, to stay ahead of the curve, the company plans to undertake new Ecodesign training throughout the year, ensuring it adopts the latest practices in this area.’

Desafíos y propósitos para el 2024 en moda infantil sostenible.

Seamless Garments: Less raw materials, less waste

With the aspiration to reduce environmental impact at all stages of production, MAC ILUSIÓN has expanded the selection of seamless garments available in its new collection. This innovation means not only savings in raw materials, but also reductions in the waste and residuals associated with the manufacturing process.

Desafíos y propósitos para el 2024 en moda infantil sostenible.

Effective recycling throughout the production process: Integral commitment

The company has implemented an effective recycling system in all phases of the production process and in the facilities where our employees work. From material selection to waste management, MAC ILUSIÓN integrates sustainable practices into every aspect of its supply chain.

MAC ILUSIÓN not only strives to dress our little ones in high-quality and stylish clothing, but also embarks on a journey towards total sustainability. With these challenges and purposes for 2024, the company demonstrates its firm commitment to a future where children’s fashion is synonymous with responsibility and respect for the planet.

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