Cómo elegir conjuntos de bebé ideales para otoño

How to choose the ideal outfits for your baby during Autumn

Cómo elegir conjuntos de bebé ideales para otoño

When Autumn comes you should start preparing your baby’s closet. Follow these tips to choose outfits for your baby with comfortable and appropriately warm pieces of clothing.

High quality materials for baby outfits

The material baby clothes are made with is very important to avoid possible allergic reactions, but it’s also important that the baby is comfortable and can move with ease. Velvety warm fabrics are the most recommendable.

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Make sure that clothes that have clasps or buttons are placed on the right areas so as to not damage their inner thighs or neck. Also, these elements make changing a diaper easier and quicker.

Piece baby outfits

Long-sleeved body stockings are ideal pieces of clothing for this time of the year. Use them underneath the baby outfit you choose, if you prefer to use a dress or some pants and a shirt. The baby will be nice and warm with this piece of clothing.

Piece outfits are comfortable and essential during Autumn. Combine blouses and cable-knit pullovers. If you want a chic sport style for the little ones you can choose a cable-knit pullover with detailed buttons and elbow patches, like this look for boys from the “Rosa Gallica” collection.

Baggy trousers are very comfortable and adapt to the little ones’ every movement with ease. Dresses that are combined with a cable-knitted piece that give a special detail, with a floral skirt are also the best option.

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Finally, complete the look with cable-knit and fur coats for the coldest days outside.

Cómo elegir conjuntos de bebé ideales para otoño

Autumn colours

Neutral tones allow you to make more combinations, but for this period of the year the colour palette is very autumnal. The best idea is to use white, yellow, brown, creamy and even blue colours, to make gorgeous and different outfits every day.

The colour “Merlot” is intense and combines perfectly with earthy tones. It’s perfect to give a special touch to baby outfits in Autumn.

Baby outfits with layers

In Autumn, temperatures begin to fall and days become colder, but there will also be warmer days, which is why it’s important to dress a baby with layers to control their temperature.
Baby outfits are perfect for this because you can add as many pieces of clothing you like to protect them from the cold, and take them off during the afternoons when it’s warmer and combine them as you please.

At Mac Ilusión we like to create outfits that guarantee the maximum comfort and adaptability to each baby’s body. Along with the wide colour range, we have the most complete cable-knit collection in the market and, what’s even better, our baby outfits are combined with dresses and coats to have matching outfits for boys and girls. If you want to learn more about our collections ask for more information here.

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