Mantitas de bebé para entretiempo: un must que no puede faltar en su maleta

Baby blankets for halftime: a must that can not be missing in your suitcase

Mantitas de bebé para entretiempo: un must que no puede faltar en su maleta

September is becoming a month during which more and more people choose to relax and take advantage of the good weather and less flux of people at sunny places, the beach and the pool. It’s even more so when you have a baby. What you feel like the most is to go to a calm place and rest together. People look for good weather without any setbacks.

Regardless, as parents we can’t forget that, even at the warmest places and at those near the coast, it can get chilly at night-time. That’s why it’s important to carry summer blankets for babies. This way we won’t miss out on a nice refreshing walk or a sea breeze knowing that our little one will be sheltered in his buggy or in our arms. There’s no worry of the baby getting a cold.

Various baby blanket uses

A blanket is a useful and versatile element. Even though it’s main use is to cover and keep a baby warm during a walk or when they are sleeping, it’s uses don’t end there:

  • A baby can use a blanket to play on it on the ground or grass.
  • It can protect them from the sun or an insect bite, something crucial in Summer.
  • To rest their body or head and make them more comfortable and safer when lying down.

5 key factors to choose the best one

Taking into account their various uses, we will give you 5 tips so you get the right blanket for your baby.

  1. Above it all, the blanket must be very soft, to avoid any bother.
  2. Regarding materials, these are the most recommendable: cotton, bamboo, Dralon X, wool or high-quality polyester.
  3. The blanket must be very flexibleso it can adapt to the different positions of the boy or girl.
  4. Another good recommendation is to choose options that allow different levels of warmth, to use them during different moments of the year and temperatures.
  5. Choose a nice design and, if possible personalised, as a blanket, because like anything related to your baby, it can be a memory for life.

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Muslins, receiving blankets and panama: options that you must consider

As well as the more or less typical blanket that you can find in different sizes, materials and designs, there are other variants that you might find very practical:


Muslins for babies are big in size, confectioned with an open wool fabric, normally cotton or bamboo, that are very light and perspire well. This makes them perfect for Summer.

They are very soft and multi-purpose: from a typical blanket to protect them from the cold and inclemency, the sun, contamination or insects, as well as to lull a baby to sleep.

If you want to use them to sing a baby to sleep you should choose a bigger size, 120×120 would be perfect.

Muslins are like a multiuse tool. You can use them to cover the baby while changing them, for them to play on it, as a towel, a foulard… and even a sarong at the beach or pool.

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Receiving blankets

Receiving blankets’ purpose is to hug (lull a baby to sleep) a baby. The feeling of holding the baby in your arms and hugging them with all you care, protecting them to the maximum is marvellous. It also serves to establish a powerful and fabulous connection between the mother (or father) and their baby.

There are different types of receiving blankets:

  • Swimming cape, made of cotton plush, it nearly always has a pocket that is used as a hoodie. The idea is for you to be able to dry your baby with care, and for them to not be cold when coming out of the water, which in Summer will mostly be at the pool or at the beach.
  • Small receiving blankets. Their measure is 80×80 more or less and they are very useful to keep a baby warm and hold the baby while he or she carries out other activities like eating, playing or just being awake by your side.

Panama blankets

Panama is another alternative. It’s a small, square fabric that is normally confectioned with extra soft cotton, as its purpose is to give the baby the most pleasant and the warmest feeling possible.

With a panama, the baby will be very cosy and comfortable during their first months of life and they can also use them as a bib, to clean their little face or as a parasol when they’re in their buggy.

It’s a very simple article, but to which a baby gets used to and attaches to, making it essential during the first stages of the little one’s life.

At Mac Ilusión we take care of blankets, muslins, receiving blankets and panama blankets with the same love that we do with the rest of our pieces of clothing and baby accessories. We always look for the highest quality and the most special designs, using the materials that your baby will feel most comfortable and safest with.

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