7 ideas de regalo para un baby shower

7 gift ideas for a baby shower

7 ideas de regalo para un baby shower

As with so many other parties and celebrations, the baby shower originates in the United States and, little by little, this tradition has been spreading to many Latin American countries and has finally crossed the Atlantic and more and more is being celebrated in Spain.

What is a baby shower?

The baby shower is a celebration that is usually held in the last months of pregnancy and her strength is the gifts for the future baby offered to the mother. It is an excuse to treat the mother-to-be, pamper her very much, give her displays of affection and, of course, celebrate the imminent arrival of the creature.

There is no doubt that it is a very practical custom (which is not surprising coming from an Anglo-Saxon country!) because it’s undeniable that the new baby is going to need a lot of things: clothes, small toys, items for your safety, hygiene products, etc. and these gifts to future parents will come from pearls.

Although gifts are a very important aspect of the baby shower like any prized party, a meal or snack is also made and the house (usually the parent’s) is decorated for festive reasons.

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t should be said that in Spain gifts are also given when the baby is already born, either by taking them to the hospital on the days immediately to birth or by visiting the mother and child when they are already at home.

Whether a little before birth or after, the truth is that parents can get a real “deluge” of gifts from family members, friends, acquaintances and co-workers.

For this reason, and with the aim of choosing practical and necessary things and avoiding repetitions, it’s convenient for moms and dads to make a gift list. If you are first-time parents, it is best to advise on a friend or family member to choose useful things that, at some point they can come in handy in order to dress him up, entertain him, take care of his hygiene, make him feel safe…

We help you with the list: 7 essential gifts for a baby shower

1.Bath kit and hygiene

Another fundamental issue for the health and well-being of the baby, which is also a unique and fun time for the child and their parents, is the bath. To make this one perfect you need many things: very special soft shampoo and soap for babies, sponge, hooded wipe and some bath toys (like a rubber ducky).

7 ideas de regalo para un baby shower

2. Sleeping kit

Along with whether the child will eat well and varied, the other great concern or their parents is usually whether he will sleep well and, consequently, if they will be able to rest. Fortunately, today there are various objects that contribute their grain of sand when it comes to relaxing to help the baby to sleep in one fell swoop.

That´s why we recommend a dream kit that contains at least the following: a flashlight that projects a soft night light that provides safety to the baby, white or relaxing noise appliances or the añways effective mobile that projects music and children´s images on the roof and walls.

7 ideas de regalo para un baby shower

3. Baby carrier backpack

One of the main needs for moms is how to get around with their baby. In this sense baby carriers or kangaroos are a good alternative to trolleys, which are always more cumbersome, for short journeys. another advantage is that the baby goes very safe and glued to the body of his parents.

7 ideas de regalo para un baby shower

4. Time capsule

This gift goes beyond the norm but is also very useful and practical. It is a very beautiful and special cabin that works as a time capsule where you can store unique objects that, as time passes, can all be enjoyed together and relive great moments: the first ultrasound, the umbilical cord clamp, a lock of hair, the first tooth, the most special photos, …

7 ideas de regalo para un baby shower

And of course baby clothes.

Clothes are always one of the gifts you can not miss, and to make sure that it is a nice design and maximum quality one of the best options is to opt for Mac Ilusión. Here are some proposals from its catalogue:

5. Baby first set sets

These garments become essential to accompany newborns in their first days and months of life. Therefore, it is one of the gifts that future parents may give the best of welcomes.

7 ideas de regalo para un baby shower

6. Blanket

Although it does not give the impression of being an essential garment, blanket is very useful, practical and pleasant for the baya. Basically it is a small square fabric, usually made of soft cotton, which gives the baby a pleasant and warm feeling, in addition to working very well as a decorative element in the baby´s closet or in the crib.

7 ideas de regalo para un baby shower

7. Boots

They are the baby´s shoes, essential to protect their still tiny feet from inclement weather or chafing.

7 ideas de regalo para un baby shower

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