Ropa interior bebé: por qué el tricot es la mejor opción para los días de calor

Baby underwear: why tricot is the ideal option for hot weather

Ropa interior bebé: por qué el tricot es la mejor opción para los días de calor

As years go by baby clothing trends change, designs evolve and become more modern and varied, and new technologies allow other fabrication techniques and the use of modern materials. Nevertheless, some things never go out of fashion, they simply are updated or reinvented. An example of this is tricot or stitching.

Tricot or stitching is still one of the predominant fabrics Summer after Summer in baby underwear due to its numerous advantages. They are comfortable and cool pieces of clothing and also, allow for a magnificent design with a sophisticated touch.”

What is tricot?

It is a way of knitting using connecting dots (known as bowknot) to form a very characteristic netting, giving the piece of clothing a nice aspect that allows transpiration. This method can not only be used with cotton, but also acrylic fibers, wool, and other textile materials.


Ropa interior bebé: por qué el tricot es la mejor opción para los días de calor

Benefits of tricot underwear during Summer

Baby skin needs to be cool and airy at all times, especially during heat months, to avoid blistering and irritation on their delicate dermis.

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This is precisely the main advantage of tricot baby underwear, it’s very light, cool and allows proper ventilation. With this type of fabric you can guarantee your baby’s comfort, avoiding any stinging or ache on their delicate skin.

The advantages in using this type of clothing don’t end here. Here are other reasons to choose it:

  1. They have a nice and soft feel.
  2. Tricot clothing adapts perfectly to the baby’s movements.
  3. Washing is endured just fine, preserving the clothes like new.
  4. They are very versatile pieces of clothing, as they can be used perfectly for hot days inside the house.
  5. There is a wide diversity of designs available in a variety of models and colours.
  6. It’s a type of clothing that takes care of your baby’s skin.
  7. It can be combined and used with various types of material in order to achieve the most comfortable and delicate product for the little one.

Some people erroneously believe that tricot baby underwear is used mainly during Winter, but this isn’t true. Although it can be used during colder months, its use is more recommendable during the summer because, as we have mentioned, these pieces of clothing are very light, sometimes have a halterneck, and offer a lot of ventilation.

It can also be used during the first weeks of Autumn, when it starts to be a bit chilly, underneath a cable-knit pullover.

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Baby underwear: what are the best options and fabrics to avoid

  • Experts recommend using natural materials, like cotton. This is due to the fact that fabrics are in direct contact with the baby, which is why there is a chance of the baby absorbing the toxins through it. In using natural materials, allergies or skin eruption risks are avoided.
  • Another advantage of using cotton is that it transpires very well, helping the child maintain their body temperature.
  • Natural materials have the additional advantage of being easy to wash.
  • On the contrary, silk, nylon or lycra are not recommended, as they are synthetic materials, thus they can cause allergies. They are also less comfortable and cause the baby to feel tighter. Wool and angora underwear must also be avoided because of the fluff they release that can irritate a baby’s skin.
    • Regarding their final touch, strong needleworka/b> must be avoided because it can bother the baby.
  • For security reasons, hook and eyes are preferable over buttons to avoid possible choking.

Mac Ilusión chooses tricot

In Mac Ilusión we choose tricot for baby clothes. This is the reason we have an extensive catalogue in which you can find: onesies, panties, and t-shirt and panty combinations, in a wide variety of designs and colours.

The following is the wide colour range you can find in these pieces of clothing: pink, sky blue, raw white, white, red, navy blue, strawberry pink, yellow, turquoise, icy blue, coral pink, apple, natural, nyle, “azafata”, quartz and pearl… choosing only one colour is mission impossible!

Ropa interior bebé: por qué el tricot es la mejor opción para los días de calor

Regarding design, it also varies, some have a more modern and minimalist style, while others are more like the classics, and bring to mind the pieces of clothing that our grandmothers would tricot at home.

In respect of materials, our tricot underwear is confectioned with a 50% cotton and 50% acrylic material Dralón Bayer ratio. The result is a soft material that takes care of a baby’s skin to the maximum and is also antiallergic. There are so many advantages! If you want to learn more about our clothing ask for information here