Prepara las maletas ¡Nos vamos de vacaciones con los peques!

Pack your suitcases, we’re taking the little ones on holiday!

We’re going on holiday and the big moment has come to pack everyone’s suitcases. But don’t panic, there’s a way to stay organised and get it done stress free! Mac Illusión can help turn packing your suitcases into a dream.

Will the weather be our friend or enemy?

When you plan ahead and have everything prepared the day before you leave, you can prepare well for both. However time can become your worst enemy when you leave everything to the last minute. The difference is obvious, have a nice time, or suffer. 

Will it be raining? Will it be hot? What if it’s cold at night?

Checking the weather of your destination before you leave if always recommended. Today we have many websites and applications to check daily and weekly weather forecast quite accurately.

Let’s start with: a knitted dress, a headscarf, some bootees and a hoodie will be perfect when the temperatures are lower at night or early in the morning.

Prepara las maletas ¡Nos vamos de vacaciones con los peques!

Cool summer clothing such as tank tops, shorts or cotton dresses will serve us well. For babies, bodysuits and rompers are ideal. Although knitted items may seem too hot for summer, the opposite is actually true. When we make summer clothes with acrylic and cotton, we take advantage of the benefits of both materials, ensuring that the garments do not shrink and that our baby stays fresh and comfortable all day. Oh! And let’s not forget to take some swimming clothes and towels for the swimming pool or beach. And pyjamas and underwear of course! Likewise, the ideal suitcase for the most adventurous boys, girls, moms and dads should contain raincoats, hats and sunglasses, comfortable boots or sandals… and let’s go out into the world.

Prepara las maletas ¡Nos vamos de vacaciones con los peques!
Now we have the basics packed, but there are still a few things we should not forget. It is highly recommended that the whole family carry a small first aid kit with a thermometer, band-aids and some hydrogen peroxide solution to be able to take care of any incident.

What about an inflatable bathtub?

Yes, it takes up very little space, and can be extremely useful for babies… Fresh water where ever you like – Perfect! 
Prepara las maletas ¡Nos vamos de vacaciones con los peques!

Finally, the baby carrier is also a good idea for those places where you can’t bring a pushchair. And for the youngest babies, let’s finish the list with a portable changer and a thermos for the food.

Now that we have almost everything, it’s time to pack it all, with plenty of time and without any stress…

Go and enjoy your holidays right from the start!

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