En Mac Ilusión creamos prendas para bebés y niñ@s hechas a mano 100% en España, creemos en el trabajo artesanal hecho con amor. Nuestras prendas para bebés y niñ@s muestran la delicadeza del trabajo diario. ¿Quieres descubrir cómo hacemos las prendas a mano para bebés en Mac Ilusión? En este post os contamos más. Mac Ilusión hecho a mano con amor

Mac Ilusión hand-made with lots of love

Mac Ilusión hecho a mano con amor

At Mac Ilusión we create pieces of clothing for babies and children that are 100% hand-made in Spain, we believe in artisanal work made with love. Our pieces of clothing for babies and children show the delicate nature of our daily effort. Do you want to find out how we make hand-made clothing for babies at Mac Ilusión? In this post, we’ll let you know more about how we do it.

Mac Ilusión is born from the enthusiasm of three friends for making artisanal pieces of clothing using a delicate and careful production process. Our company dates back to the year 1969, and since then, the production process has always had as its primary goal the creation of the highest-quality pieces of clothing using the best raw material.

Mac Ilusión hecho a mano con amor

Which raw material do we use in our stitching? Bayer’s dralon, an acrylic 100% synthetic dry-spun fibre, that adds special characteristics to every piece of clothing. We obtain a soft touch, brilliance, it’s hypoallergenic, and it’s made to be tolerated by any type of baby-skin without provoking any allergic reactions. Our pieces of clothing are easy to wash by following the tag’s instructions, and they resist shrinking when washed. Also, drying is fast, the pieces of clothing don’t get bobbles on them, and they don’t require ironing.

For your baby’s maximum comfort, our pieces of clothing don’t have any needlework. This requires a special one-piece manufacturing so that the child doesn’t feel uncomfortable at any moment caused by needlework or the marks they leave. At Mac Ilusión we care for even the smallest details.

Our factory is located in Ayora, a small Valencian town with a long tradition in the stitching industry. This is why Mac Ilusión has the know-how and uses the generational heritage in their creations. The artisanal hands in our team know every piece of clothing perfectly and treat them with their utmost care.

Mac Ilusión hecho a mano con amor

We are specialists in cable-knit pieces of clothing which we design and create daily with the delicate nature that describes our product. Our workers are mainly women who put special care into every detail and knit every stitch with love.

After this small introduction, you may know us a little better. We believe in daily artisanal work, and the care and love put into our pieces of clothing is reflected in our collections.