Navidad en Mac Ilusión: ropa de ceremonia para bebé

Christmas 2017

Navidad en Mac Ilusión: ropa de ceremonia para bebé

December is one of the months of the year when we celebrate the most because we attend many events with family or friends. And just as we think more than once about what look to wear for each celebration, we also think about our babies’ clothes. At Mac Ilusión, we know how special these dates are, the photos, the gifts, that’s why every year we have special ceremony clothes for babies.

Putting up the crib, the lights in the house, decorating the tree… These are just some of the countless preparations for this celebration, but there is also something you can’t miss! You must select your baby’s wardrobe with ceremonial clothes to attend all the meetings and events.

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Navidad en Mac Ilusión: ropa de ceremonia para bebé

During this season it is very important to anticipate the weather, as in most countries December is one of the coldest months of the year and we don’t want to be taken by surprise by a cold day.

When choosing your baby’s ceremony clothes you should take into account key aspects to ensure that the Christmas evening is magical.

Baby’s comfort is always the most important thing so choose ceremony clothes that are soft and gentle on baby’s skin.
If you prefer accessories and jewellery, avoid chains and bracelets for baby’s first few months.
Avoid zips and choose clothes with buttons.
Knitwear has a very traditional feel for this season and also protects baby from the cold.

Ceremonial baby clothes should always look after the baby’s wellbeing, ensuring freedom of movement. The garments should also be selected with the comfort of the parents in mind, who have to change them several times during the celebrations.

It is advisable not to overdress your baby, try to choose several garments and dress in layers, so that they don’t get overwhelmed if the event is in an enclosed place with heating.

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So if you want to see your little one wearing festive outfits during the Christmas celebrations, you can’t miss our end of year collections. We at Mac Ilusión take care of the quality of the fabrics, the handmade finishes and the delicacy of the garments.

You will find outfits, dresses, jumpers, shirts and trousers with special touches, which will allow you to create great looks for the Christmas season. We promise your baby will steal the show this festive season.

If you want to know more about our baby ceremony clothes, ask for more information here.