Chaquetas de bebés para la vuelta al cole

Baby back-to-school jackets

Chaquetas de bebés para la vuelta al cole

Summer is nearly over and we’re getting closer to our routines and going back to school. This is why it’s important to prepare our wardrobes and choose adequate pieces of clothing for our kids to start their classes. Baby jackets are very important during this season when they go back to school when there are still Summer days, but others are a bit chilly. .

When it comes to going back to school or kindergarten, the little ones must be well-equipped. It’s indispensable to prepare things like their schoolbag, lunch bag, a waterproof bag for rainy days, a change of clothes… thousands of things. We also must be very weary when preparing clothes to make sure that our babies are always comfortable and protected from the cold.

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Baby jackets are pieces of clothing that we cannot forget about when preparing them to go back to school. Jackets cover our babies’ bodies above their waist, their sleeves vary, they have an opening at the front, and are generally adjusted to the body.

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Tips to get it right with baby jackets

Baby jackets are normally worn over other pieces of clothing as warm clothing. With these tips it will be easier to choose a baby jacket to go back to school:

  • Comfort: it’s important to make sure that it’s very comfortable and that it allows the little ones’ total movement freedom.
  • Softness and flexibility: we must always look for pieces of clothing that adapt to the movements and activities of the babies. When buying a jacket, it’s important to take into account when it will be used, if it’s only to get to school and protect from the cold or if it will also be used during recess and playtime.
  • Material: always avoid materials that cause skin allergies. Wool or polyester are ideal fabrics for cold days; on the other hand, cotton is more recommendable for hot days.
  • Length: the length of the baby jacket is important. We should pay attention to the backside and length of the sleeves, because sometimes a specific size might not adjust to the length of the baby’s arms. Sleeves must reach their wrists. If it’s a bit colder it’s important to add some gloves to the look to protect that part of their body.
  • Fasteners: there are baby jackets with a zipper or buttons. If the little one is a bit older, jackets with zippers are ideal because they can zip themselves up and down, but careful with accidents. Before buying one, try the zipper a few times to make sure it doesn’t get tangled with the needlework or that it doesn’t hurt your kid. For the littlest ones, buttons are more practical when putting on and taking off the jacket, and they tend to accompany cable-knit pieces of clothing. Make sure that the buttons close properly and that the sewing is properly finished.

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It’s advisable that baby jackets are functional and adapt to the age of the baby. It’s true that during their first years of life a jacket that is easy to take off is ideal, in order to change their diaper easier, hold them in your arms and so on, with comfort. When they’re a little older they like to move more and play outside, so this must be taken into account when choosing a jacket.

At Mac Ilusión we have created ideal jackets for any occasion for 50 years. We work to make these pieces of clothing with the best fabricsand finishing touches to adapt to children all ages. If you want to learn more about our collections, ask for information here.

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