Imprescindibles del primer mes de vida del bebé

Baby´s first month

Imprescindibles del primer mes de vida del bebé

If we are specialists in Mac Ilusión in something, it is in the manufacture and design of garments for newborns. All our products are treated with the utmost care, designed for those first moments when we take care of babies with tremendous delicacy. That is why at Mac Ilusión, our first clothes are the most special garments. From the design to the confection, they are thought about taking care of your comfort and well-being.

For future parents, the arrival of the baby is a great change and incomparable experience. That is why we want to talk about the changes and offer you some advice in the baby’s first month of life. An expected arrival that will undoubtedly turn your life around forever.

From the arrival of the newborn you will notice that they spend a lot of time asleep, they will wake up to eat, they will hiccup and even sneeze often. We will give you a brief overview of these common characteristics in all babies. Neither comes with an instruction book. Use your own maternal instinct to guide you and also seek the support of trusted people with experience.

Imprescindibles del primer mes de vida del bebé

What are the most common behaviors in the baby’s first 30 days? We will tell you a little more.

• Normally the baby will sleep between 14 and 16 hours every day. Wake periods are short, usually for feeding. They will stay awake 7 to 12 times a day, sometimes no more than 30 minutes.

• No baby is able to see clearly. You will notice his lost gaze and little by little he will focus on stimuli.

• Many babies lose weight at birth, it is something common, do not be alarmed but consult your pediatrician.

Hiccups and sneezing are normal and even often, but don’t be alarmed, it doesn’t represent digestive or respiratory problems.

• Defeating four or five times a day and urinating as many times is normal in the baby’s first month of life.

• Their breathing may be noisy and even irregular, do not be alarmed is common to all babies even while they sleep.

Imprescindibles del primer mes de vida del bebé

As you already know, at Mac Ilusión we are specialists in “first wear”, those very special garments that are used in the first days of the baby’s life. That is why we can also give you some advice on the clothes with which to take care of your little one.

• Use garments with adaptable fabrics, preferably without seams to avoid damaging the baby’s delicate skin.

• It is recommended that the raw material with which your first garments are made contain the maximum composition of natural elements such as cotton.

• Try not to make the garments too tight to the baby with rubber bands or other elements that could damage their skin.

• Always do your laundry separately from the rest of the household linen and also with special detergent for delicate garments.