2020 un año difícil para el sector textil

2020, a difficult year for the textile sector

A year of changes

2021 has been a turning point in the textile sector, since we have taken giant steps in the online world. Who has not bought during this confinement through the internet or has visited a website to see their collection?

Small and medium-sized companies have had to resurface, find new ways to reach the public and have greater visibility.

At Mac Ilusión we wanted to launch ourselves even more into the digital world, reach new clients, increase the web traffic of our page and blog, and show you through our social networks the baby clothes that you can find in our Mac Ilusión points of sale.

We have investigated our target to find out which garments attract their attention the most, if they like them or what they would improve… and this has helped us define ourselves, launch new collections and differentiate ourselves even more in the sector.

2020 un año difícil para el sector textil

We keep improving

This year we have proposed to maintain the quality of our garments using the best raw materials, treating them delicately as reflected in our designs and adapting them to the needs of your babies and children. Fashion never gets old, that’s why we want to continue helping you to dress with our seamless and handmade fabrics one by one, to choose clothes for your little ones.

We are very perfectionists and we take care of even the smallest detail so that your baby shines with his own light and above all, that he is comfortable with handmade garments both for day to day and for the most special occasions.

2020 un año difícil para el sector textil

Online Presence

The online market has always been more linked to the business sector, but in these moments of confinement it has proven necessary, since it can be the lifeline of small and medium-sized companies that have had to see how their stores closed due to this difficult situation.

At Mac Ilusión we are aware of digitization to achieve greater efficiency and embrace a more sustainable future, since we consider sustainability as a fundamental pillar for this sector to prosper.

Mac Illusion has adapted to the new times. We try to take advantage of all the opportunities that are presented to us as well as improve both our distribution in physical stores and the web to always guarantee the best customer service, advice and comfort.

We will continue creating illusion in each stitch as we have been doing for more than 50 years.

2020 un año difícil para el sector textil