El bebé y la mascota que nacieron el mismo día

Baby and family pet, born on the same day

Are you familiar with photographer Ivette-Ivens’ true story?

Well, if you are thinking that you’d like your baby to grow up with a pet in the house, then you’re going to love this story.

It turns out that the mother, Ivette, sensed that her son and her bulldog puppy would be born on the same day. She took this coincidence as a sign that she should raise them together. The idea worked beautifully and the pair shared many hours together throughout the first months and years of their lives. Over time, they became united by a special relationship, almost like siblings. The two have grown very healthy and with an extra dose of affection, which has surely shaped their characters for life.

This begs the question, is it okay for a baby to grow up with a pet? Every day more and more studies show that this relationship can benefit the health of babies as it increases their defences against certain infections.

Common sense and good training for your puppy and baby are key for positive and beneficial coexistence.

El bebé y la mascota que nacieron el mismo día

You should avoid punishment and scolding while acclimatising your baby and pet to each other. You don’t want your pet to associate these actions with bonding with the baby. Instead, you should closely monitor the pup’s movements, especially during the first few days. It’s important to maintain a calm and normal environment in all situations, otherwise your nerves and stress may be perceived and prevent the two from creating a calm and trusting bond.

That said, you mustn’t allow everything. Both baby and pet must know that you are always in control, conveying the utmost firmness and serenity. The relationship should flow as naturally as possible. You can’t prevent licking, but that’s okay and nothing bad will happen, it’s a sign of affection and it’s totally normal. Walks together with your baby and your pet are very beneficial to strengthen a bond of friendship in and outside the home.

El bebé y la mascota que nacieron el mismo día

Teaching your child about how to treat animals is an important mission that you must complete at each stage. It’s essential to teach them how to stroke and play nicely, and to respect their independence, giving them space to eat, sleep, or rest. Having a pet at home while your baby grows up can be very rewarding and fun, but it will surely be extra work for you and a dedication that requires time and patience. If you haven’t decided yet, have a good think about it.

And now, with the cooler weather arriving, your baby or little ones will want to spend more time playing with their pet. For this, they must wear comfortable, resistant clothing that keeps them warm enough. You can achieve this securely and confidently with some dungarees, a sweater, and any item of clothing from the Autumn-Winter Collection by Mac Illusion.

Think of the photos and videos you’ll take of your baby and pet for family and friends! And if you fancy it, don’t forget to send us a photo, we would love to see them and share them on our social networks.