Sesiones de fotos para Navidad en Mac Ilusión

Christmas Photoshoots

A tradition that is growing as fast as babies do.

In the months running up to Christmas, photography studios endeavour to meet the high demand for specialised infant photoshoots. In some cases, the work from this period makes up as much as 40% of their annual revenue. Each year, digital copies of these photos find their way into Christmas albums, seasonal greeting cards, WhatsApp groups and social media, which are being used more and more to share photos with the whole family.

It is no longer enough to capture a simple Christmas scene. Abstract concepts, colours and nature are now the stars of the show. The moon, the sun, the seasons, or a coloured background with a light effect… these are the ideal backdrops to go for with babies and children. But to guarantee a spectacular result, it’s essential to choose the perfect outfit. Knitted clothing adapts very well to babies’ bodies and is ideal for capturing cute and graceful poses. This is especially true of seamless garments, such as Mac Ilusión’s newborn outfits.

Sesiones de fotos para Navidad en Mac Ilusión

According to research, these shoots most commonly feature youngsters from 6-7 months right up to 7-8 years old. And for a newborn shoot, it’s best to capture photos within the first 15 days of life. It’s important to create a calming atmosphere so that the baby feels as comfortable as in the womb. To achieve this and get the best images, you will need a suitable studio temperature, dim lighting and white noise to lull them to sleep. You should also be mindful of the baby’s rest, food and hygiene requirements for the best success with the session.

Sesiones de fotos para Navidad en Mac Ilusión

Ultimately, these professional photographs become the best Christmas gifts and a wonderful way to send seasons greatings to friends and family.

And for a little bit of inspiration from some of the best in the world, we recommend viewing the works of Australian photographer Anne Geddes and of Spanish photographer Mayte Cruz.

Please enjoy these delightful images and get inspired for your own photoshoot with the newest and most graceful member of the family!