Sheltering a baby or newborn is always one of the problems that worries parents. That is why at Mac Ilusión as specialists in baby and newborn garments we want to give you some tips to help you.

No matter what time of year you are, there will never be a shortage of someone who will tell you Beware of drafts! o Won’t the baby dressed like this be cold? And as a general rule we tend to overcoat babies and newborns for fear of getting cold or sick. Just as the cold can have consequences on the well-being of the baby, excess heat can also be just as irritating.

One fact that you should keep in mind is that babies do not yet have the Thermoregulatory System fully developed, so the first months it is necessary to shelter them a little more than normal, without overdoing it. As a basic clue, it is normal for a baby to need a warmer garment than you.

At Mac Ilusión we have warm clothes that will help your baby feel comfortable. The lullabies or knitted blankets are a basic for when you have to take them out of their warm area that can maintain the temperature. Remember to always carry them in the car or have them on hand at home to be able to use them when necessary.












Never value cold or heat by the temperature of their hands or feet since their circulatory system is also immature and you can make the mistake of overcoating them. To know that their temperature is correct, measure the heat they have in the central area of the chest, back or neck.

For newborns from Mac Ilusión we recommend our first clothes made up of a romper, sweater and hood. Remember that the layer of clothing that is in contact with the body is essential to maintain temperature. The ideal fabric is always cotton as it absorbs moisture and keeps babies isolated from low temperatures. Our natural cottons are always treated to prevent allergies and seamless garments will make it much more comfortable.


Other outer garments that will allow to maintain the temperature of the little ones are hats, scarves or booties. Use them only when you go outside and the temperatures are very low and check that they are not overcoated.

Finally, our bags for the carrycot are a must every winter to maintain the comfortable temperature of babies and always seek their comfort. Each season we make them in different thicknesses and using fabrics that are pleasant for the most delicate skins. Have you already seen the ones from our latest collection?







Remember that even if the temperatures are low, going outside and enjoying the surroundings is always good for both babies and children. So get yourself the most comfortable clothes for your little one and enjoy him both at home and outdoors.