At Mac Ilusión we process and create each campaign and season with all the care in the world, always thinking about the most important thing, your little ones. As every year, the “Memories of the Forest” collection has been created garment by garment by our creative department. In this post we want to tell you a little more about how we work each process from the idea until the Mac Ilusión garments become a reality.

Memories of the Forest was created from the idea of ​​creating a collection that connects with nature, this is the main idea that begins the creation. All of it is based on natural elements, fabrics that convey warmth and elements of the nature that surrounds us in each design that provide that “memory”.


What have been our bases? The little animals that day by day roam the forests and that go unnoticed by our eyes. The leaves of the trees that fall silently in autumn but creating a deep mantle and natural elements such as pinecones or small animals.

With these premises our creative team decided to base its color palette on much more neutral tones that are those that we can find in nature itself. For this reason, in the Memories of the Forest collection, shades such as alpine, marsalla, mint, currant, cloud or bamboo stand out.

Once the entire color palette and type of product is made from design, they are the ones who make patterns and adapt to each measure to be able to introduce them into production. And that’s when the magic happens, the hand of our artisans aided by cutting-edge technology in the sector give life to each design, draw each stitch and lovingly finish the garments that your little ones will wear. But we will tell you about the production process later because it has details that surely do not go unnoticed.


And this is how the Mac Ilusión Design team carefully designs each season garments that will be worn by your little ones. From the birth of the idea to the end supervised by our professionals.