A baby’s arrival is always a reason to celebrate. There is no birth without a celebration and gifts. At Mac Ilusión, we are specialists at making pieces of clothing for newborns, carefully and delicately. Our #newborn products are confectioned with the best fabrics that avoid reactions and allergies. Today in the baby’s layette, we want to show you the essential pieces of clothing for the arrival of the most important being in your life.

We must definitely include the baby’s first clothes in the baby’s layette. We are specialists in putting extra care into every piece of clothing. In the FW20 collection, you can find delicate pieces of clothing that will make the whole family melt. Find outabout the three most wanted collections this special season to elaborate your baby’s layette.


Delicate Tenderness is our #newborn bet for newborns. Confectioned with our best fabrics in white delicate tones and available in different styles. It’s delicate threads and details will make your baby feel comfortable and delicate.

Beagle Spots is another gift option for a baby’s layette. One colour alone has broken all the moulds this season and has been a must in sales. Its marine and dark brown tones make it the ideal outfit for the newborn.

Noni Noni in blue tones, delicate pieces of clothing with a unique colour that brings out the pink tone of newborns. Warm pieces of clothing for their first days during which they must feel comfortable in an ideal warmth.

What do you think about the 3 bets for the baby’s first clothes? Stick around our blog to find out about more ideas for the most important thing in the world, your baby.