At Mac Ilusión we face this new year with the same motivational spirit that has guided us since starting out over 60 years ago. Day after day, we continue working with the same level of attention and taking care of the details to, as we say, “always keep our hope alight”. Our mission and purpose is to design and produce the best garments to ensure the well-being of the most delicate beings in the house, our babies.

Babies symbolise a new life, a new hope and, tomorrow, they will be the people who strive to maintain and continue building a better world. This is why we have to make the path easier for them, making decisions that help care for people and preserve the environment, starting today.


4 generations together: Pepe, his mother, his grandmother and his great-grandmother.

At Mac Ilusión we are absolutely committed to sustainability and the responsibility of helping to take care of our beloved planet, and we propose the following challenges and commitments for 2023:


We have opted for self-supplied renewable energy by installing solar panels. With this investment, all the energy we consume in our factory will be 100% clean, minimizing our carbon footprint.


Another great challenge for this year is to continue the total elimination of PVC in our product and shipping boxes. By doing this, we contribute to the elimination of materials that are more difficult to recycle.


We are going to maintain the recycling of 95% of the raw materials that our factory processes to continue helping to reduce pollution and energy consumption.


We will continue training and researching to offer maximum comfort for babies, girls and boys, generating high-quality designs and garments that carefully adapt to the body of each baby.


We will continue to improve and implement our production system for more efficient use of resources and to offer the best service and the best garments to all our customers.


We will continue to believe in establishing new and innovative forms of communication with our customers and suppliers, improving all forms of support and creating new ones to promote fluid communication and feedback that gives us so much.

During 2023 at Mac Ilusión, we intend to continue advancing, innovating and improving in our purpose of helping to preserve our environment and continue offering the maximum comfort and quality of clothing to dress the little ones of our houses.


1º Photography: Nerey Sánchez and BabyPe ©