It is time to renew, breathe fresh air and make way for the new Spring Summer 21 collection from Mac Ilusión. We work with care each design, choice of fabrics and each stitch so that our babies and children shine with their own light. The Spring – Summer 21 Mac Ilusión collection is here. Do you want us to tell you about our inspiration?

At Mac Ilusión we are specialists in first wear and that is why each collection we pamper with great care the garments we design for the most delicate skins, those of newborns. Once again we have thought about fresh and breathable fabrics, and above all, seamless. Comfort in the first put on should be essential, in addition to using hypoallergenic cottons that prevent allergies on your delicate skin.

The warmth of a summer afternoon and refreshing colors make up the Mac Ilusión Spring – Summer Collection. What inspires our designs? The sea breeze, the long sunny afternoons, the singing of the birds and the fresh fruit give shape to a set of garments for the little ones.


In Mac Ilusión’s Spring – Summer 21 Collection you will find the perfect combination for those who are looking for classic knitted garments with delicacy and tenderness along with handmade details. In addition, all this fused with vibrant colors chosen one by one and their own designs that will make your little one unique.

Mac Ilusión cotton fabrics have summer motifs and we also combine them with knitwear to always maintain the essence of our brand. Summer also gives way to floral, tropical prints in pastel tones, vichy, plumetis and linens. Always trendy!


The New Spring – Summer 21 Collection by Mac Ilusión offers you garments such as dresses, strap rompers, rompers and skirts for them. And to complete the looks, headbands and matching hair ties. Small touches of tulle on collars and bows complete a sophisticated look.

For them, shorts and cotton shirts are complemented by knitted sweaters in a wide range of classic colors such as pink, light blue, natural, bluish, turquoise … and refreshing novelties such as papaya or aquatic.


When the sun rests and begins to cool down, knitted jackets and shawls cannot be absent. Summer is the best time to enjoy!

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