When Autumn starts, a blanket of leaves covers the ground and temperature drops. The hot
chocolate and soft tissues are waiting for us to protect all Winter through. For this Autumn/Winter collection we have been very carefull with the colours palete.

Thinking in our babies first Winter, our collection has a wide range of knitted garments, cotton tissues and exclusive printed tissues either with viella and cotton plumeti, al lof them covered with powder colours like blue sky, green iceberg, pink crepé but never forgetting light blue, pink and natural colours. The details on each garment have been carefully selected to make each
collection unique, with hand embroidery and delicate laces.

Warm colours are also very important, such as indigo blues, mustards, clays, marine and red. As always, prints occupy an important place, this season we find fantasy flowers inspired by awinter garden, peacock and “Liberty” prints. Tartan and Oxford are a classic every season. Classics are fused with corduroy fabric, herringbone patterns and cotton viellas.

For the baby, suits with knitted gaiters with bonet and matching blankets and rompers. Knitted coats and sacks are a great accessory to protect them from the cold, with warm and soft linings.

For boys, the must are V-neck shirts, shorts, trousers, jackets and sweaters. You will find different details and colors for each collection, coordinating boys and girls. The fur coats with warm linings cover the dresses of the little ones. A classic each season our unisex knitted coats hooded and with ecological fur.

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Fall Winter 20/21