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Next Monday many shops will open again their doors, we are very happy with such a good new. The sun shine with more strength everyday and summer is approaching. We present the selections of essentials clothing for your baby, so this summer shows as prettiest as possible.

Soft and confortable and knitted clothing coordinated with sweet printings and bright cotton textiles. Here we present MAC ILUSION favourites for this summer.


Ropa bebe punto azul Conjunto bebe verano azul punto

Knitted clothing for babies are produced with special care, being very careful with every detail. You can find out plenty of options in designs and colours.

Romantic outfits, with laces, embroidered batiste or more casual and basic twinsets. Leggins, panties, jumpers and bodies are the essentials in the newborn cupboards.

Conjunto color arena punto Conjunto niña recien nacido rosa pepele punto azul recien nacido


Vestido bebe azul estampado Vestido floral azul bebe Niña con vestido floral verano

We are in love with the backside of this dress. A big cobalt blue tulle lace cross the back. 100 % cotton textile and personalized printing for MAC ILUSION makes it very special.

vestido verano niña Vestido estampado bebe rojo Pelele niña marinero

Linen outfits with a flower detail combined with lines in natural colours. Vichy is a classic for daily dressing, nice, comfortable and for all ocasions. Another option for girls are frilly rompers.


Niño con conjunto veraniego Conjunto niño verano

Outfits with long trousers, denim shirts with sea printed motifs and jumpers with Gossy knitted. You can choose a cobalt blue short, shirt with mini dots or stripped jumpers.

Conjunto niño azul pepele verano niño Ropa bebe niño rojo

Linen dungarees with an small pocket detail can be combined with shirst or jumpers or without anything your baby will be more fresh. We can not forget the classics, vichy squares combined with a t-shirt.