The clothes of the newborn baby are all sweet, especially the first clothes of the baby. For this reason, the raw materials used are chosen with absolute care since it is the most special clothing in the house.

The fabrics are mostly created by our Design Team, giving our garments a unique and exclusive design. Made of 100% Cotton, they seek total respect and care for the baby’s skin, they are hypoallergenic fabrics. Without forgetting the softness that wool provides.

The fibers we use are of the DRALON X800® Acrylic variety especially indicated for very delicate garments, being the smartest alternative for our baby creations.

Manufactured by Bayer pharmaceutical company, it provides us with guarantee and quality:

  • It has a particularly soft and pleasant touch that should characterize baby clothes so much.
  • Provides warmth in garments from winter collections. Provides volume and lightness.
  • Provides freshness and softness in garments from summer collections, when woven like a fine pearl thread.
  • The colors are bright and durable, resisting well to the sun. In the case of white, an unmatched optimal white is achieved.
  • The fabrics are stable, resistant to shrinkage in washing, resistant to bacteria, moths …
  • Easy to wash and quick dry WITHOUT SHRINK.
  • No ironing is needed.
  • It does not itch, unlike wool.

As a very important benefit we can say that it is one of the most suitable fibers for making baby clothes, due to its hypoallergenic nature, which reduces the possibility of allergies or irritations to a minimum and is very well tolerated by the sensitive skin of the little ones. of the house.

The vast majority of children with atopic skin tolerate garments made with this fiber well.

Likewise, for the Spring-Summer Campaign, we used the mixture of ACRYLIC and COTTON o achieve the following benefits:

  • Prevent the shrinkage that cotton produces when fixed with the Dralon.
  • Give the fiber the sensation of freshness that cotton gives.
  • We increase the moisture absorption capacity.
  • The type of cotton we use is COMBED COTTON, which achieves a high quality fiber since short fibers are eliminated, it is highly uniform, impurities are eliminated and it gains great resistance.