pitti immagine bimbo mac ilusion

On June 20th a new edition of Pitti Imagine Bimbo was launched in Florence, and as it couldn’t be any other way, Mac Ilusión couldn’t miss it! 

In this edition, we presented our new spring-summer 2020 collection, which was very well received by all the attendees from all over the world.

“The design of all these pieces have been inspired by the tranquillity of the sunset on summer days, the whisper of the sea breeze, the smell of salt and the long days of family sunshine.”

Craft garments, reminiscent of the childhoods of parents and grandparents, where everyday life was purer and more familiar.

Classic knitwear always has an important place in every collection. Delicate, soft clothes, in natural and classic tones (light blue, pink and raw) that embrace the first days of newborns, with sweet details. In the summer season, we can never forget those evenings when begins to be slightly colder so we need jackets, Mac Ilusion offers a wide variety in colour and shape.

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In addition to knitting sets, which continue to triumph year after year among visitors, cotton fabrics also continue to be in high demand. 

pitti bimbo mac ilusion

Beyond the classic colours,  proposals in more vivid tones were also presented, accompanied by summer fabrics such as Vichy paintings, plumeti and sailor motifs. Although it is true that dresses with floral prints keep being highly requested for Summer 2020.

new collection spring summer mac ilusion

Most of our designs are available in boys and girls versions. For boys shorts combined with v-neck shirts accompanied with different options such as knitted sweaters, bibs and rompers. And for girls, evase dresses, court empire and jesusines combined with point, skirts and bibs full of details.

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Both boys clothes and total looks are seasons by season more demanded.

In Mac Illusion, we know that there is nothing more exciting than the nice weather, a few months to dream and enjoy with our relatives. The best way to it is with designs and delicate fabrics taking care of the smallest details.

We have returned from Pitti Bimbo satisfied and very happy for the reception of our new collection. We hope to see you all very soon in the next edition.