At Mac Ilusión we love being able to offer you advice when it comes to dressing the little ones at home. With the change of seasons, dressing kids is always tricky, and at Mac Ilusión we want to help make this transition easier. If you still haven’t seen our Autumn Winter 20-21 collection, we highly recommend having a look here.

How can we create the best change of season looks for kids? Changes in temperature during this time of the year, early morning breezes, changes during mid-day hours or before sunset make it necessary to dress using different layers. Today at Mac Ilusión we’re giving you the key.

We must always think about the little ones’ comfort, without sacrificing style. Pieces of clothing must be easy to put on and take off, especially when they’re at school and we can’t help them out with this task. Cable-knit Mac Ilusión jackets are ideal for this purpose. You can combine cable-knit jackets with long-sleeved shirts or short-sleeved, depending on the temperature. What do you think about this look?

For girls, this change of season Mac Ilusión recommends using pieces of clothing like skirts or dresses. They’re perfect for this time of the year without giving up on trends. Also, you can combine them with a cable-knit jacket, and you’ll make an Autumn outfit out of a Summer dress. Stockings and leotards are your biggest allies.

Dressing a newly born child during this season is very easy with Mac Ilusión. We recommend going for our long-sleeved onesies with a light fabric that allows transpiration and protects them during the coldest hours of the day. Remember that during walks you must carry a shawl in case the temperature changes to be able to keep the baby warm.

At Mac Ilusión, it’ll be easy for you to make the transition from Summer to Winter without sacrificing trends, and the little ones’ style. This time of the year is ideal to wear the new pieces of clothing that have just arrived at our stores. What do you think?