One more year the sales of the spring / summer campaign are here and with them come the purchases of baby clothes that, maintaining the same quality, always lower the price. At Mac Ilusión we want to tell you today which garments will be your great allies this campaign so that you can make the best sale purchases.

Will your baby be born in the months of July or August? Get those last minute first clothes. At Mac Ilusión we recommend four-piece sets consisting of: sweater, frog, booties and hat. Our summer knit is much more breathable and your baby will feel comfortable with any of our garments.

Sets with gaiters and long knitted sleeves will be your great allies for the months when, even if it is summer, the temperatures are cooler. Remember to keep your baby’s body temperature constant.

Another of the ideal garments to buy on sale are knitted overalls for their versatility. You can put them alone when the temperatures are high and your baby will be much cooler. If you prefer, you can also combine it with shirts that will allow your baby to be warmer.

Blankets and swaddling are always a very necessary product in newborn babies. At Mac Ilusión we adapt the knit depending on the season but it is always a basic garment that you should have in your wardrobe. In any of the Mac Ilusión points of sale you will find a multitude of options and colors for you to choose from, and now you will get good prices for sure.



These are our recommendations to be able to take advantage of the summer sales and get those basic clothes for your baby. In addition to this, at any Mac Ilusión point of sale you will be able to find professional advice that will show you the ideal garments for your little ones.